As a result of the habits and policies that have been going on for many years, the US dollar plays an important role in world trade Companies mostly calculating their costs in local currencies are forced to quote in US Dollars during foreign trade At this point, the party having non-dollar local currency feels obliged to remain cautious against exchange rate fluctuations to be least affected by arbitrage costs In the case that both parties’ local currencies are not US Dolar, this prudence turns into a trade war and if – especially since April 2018 – the volatility in exchange rates is extremely high, the situation may unfortunately become even more tragic. Our company being pioneer in the sector has decided to trade with Chinese customers with local currency (Yuan) because of the problems our company faced especially in the last 4 months of our trade with China due to the depreciation of the Dollar / Yuan exchange rate In practice, a supply contract in Yuan will be signed with our Chinese customers and the currency will be kept constant during the contract. During this period, our company will accept transfers in Yuan from its contracted customers and will protect its customers against currency changes. Although similar requests have been received from some of our customers in India and Malaysia since this service was introduced, unfortunately we cannot make positive responses to these requests as our infrastructure is not ready yet Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for more information about this service