About Us

Our company produces high quality raw materials especially in the fields of LDPE, PP and PS and sells 30% of its products in domestic markets and exports 70% of its products to foreign markets especially the Netherlands, Germany, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and India with production capacity of 2,500 tons of granules per month in 2019) Our company supplies plastic scrap originating from different parts of the world, especially Europe and North America for the leading manufacturers of the sector in requested type and form through its warehouse consisting of a total area of 6.000 m² with a closed area of 4.000 m² and an open area of 2.000 m² in Hadımköy-İstanbul; LDPE nylon bales (99 / 1,98 / 2,95 / 5,90 / 10,80 / 20), PET flake and PP scrap types including powder, pressed and burr, PS-ant shock-pressed and burr, PA6 (sub-nylon-plain, 30% with fiberglass, burr, granule and pressed) are our regular stocks.) (In addition to scrap supply, we are the solution partner of many manufacturers in domestic and international markets with specially formulated engineering plastics as well as manufacturing of PP, PS, LDPE and HDPE Granules in our 3 factories one located in a closed area of 500 m² in Bayrampaşa-İstanbul, another one in a total area of 2.000 m² (a closed area of 500 m² and an open area of 1.500 m²) in Dudullu OSB in Dudullu-İstanbul and the other one in a total area of 3.200 m² (a closed area of 2.000 m² and an open area of 1.200 m²) in Çorlu OSB in Çorlu-Tekirdağ. Awareness on Nature and Clean Energy Resources, which has been rising all over the world, has made recycling of Plastic, a derivative of Petroleum, a limited resource, becoming more and more important particularly in the last decade. Our company getting motivated due to this awareness goes on growing as a key player in the sector by continuing to invest in separation, production technologies and laboratories. Our aims are continuous improvement in the international recycled plastic granule raw material sector, to continue our activities as a company that our country is proud of, by increasing the market share of our company that has already gained appreciation both in domestic and international markets. We continue our work with the same enthusiasm with the indescribable happiness of being an indispensable solution partner for our customers and pride of doing beneficial activities for nature.